NEW - Custom Online Forms

Now we offer customized online forms for volunteering, event registration and more. 

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We will be as involved in managing your digital presence as much or as little as you wish.  We can serve strictly as an adviser, help you get things set up, and/or partner in managing your content on an ongoing basis.  It's up to you!

Build a new web site

We can help you get a totally new look and feel and build it on a platform that makes it easy to update all your information as needed.

Optional features of your digital presence

Beyond the basic web site, we offer and support the following optional features:

  • Web-based calendar
  • Online Sermons (audio, video or both)
  • Podcasting (including setting up an iTunes feed)
  • Import minister and leader blogs into your web site
  • Import your social media channels into your web site
  • Photo gallery
  • Members-only area
  • Church email address management
  • Online forms (for event and other registrations, surveys, etc). Online payment features can be included.
  • Incorporate 3rd party services, such as online giving.

Maintain your web site and digital presence

If your church doesn't have the manpower to manage the content on your web site or social media, we can do it for you.  It can be as easy as sending us your bulletin each week.  We can:

  • Keep your web site technically up-to-date with upgrades and security patches.
  • Keep your web site content current - upcoming events are posted and past events are removed, all on a timely basis.
  • Post to your social media channels.

Advise on your digital presence ... on the web and on social media

We can help you improve your church's web site and social media presence through our consulting services:

  • Help you define your focus.  That is, whom you are trying to reach.
  • Advise on how to tailor your web site and social media to better reach those audiences.
  • Show you how to create new, relevant content and tailor it for your chosen social media channels.
  • Help you build a new web site and set up your social media channel, if necessary.