• Asking members how they'd like to serve.
  • Registering for events.
  • Gathering member feedback.

Does your church still use paper forms to collect information such as this from members or the public? Are your ministry leaders always asking for the latest list of volunteers, registrants and feedback, waiting for you to update and send the spreadsheet? Life can be simpler.

We create and host online forms for churches. May we help you with yours?

If your web site is built on Joomla, we can set up your forms directly on your site. Not using Joomla? That's OK ... we can host your forms on our Joomla site.

We have a demo version of the "how do you want to serve" form we've done for one client. Click here to see the form, and complete it if you'd like (note that the results reset every 20 minutes).  Click here to see the management page, where ministry leaders can see the results as they come in. These can be tailored to suit your congregation's needs.

Available features:

  • Results saved to database and/or sent in emails to organizers.
  • Form validation - required fields, valid formats (email, phone number, etc).
  • Link to online payment services (linking to your payments service).
  • Results management page OR page to easily download results to Excel.

Contact us with your specific needs and then provide you with a quote.

Click here to demo the form

Click here to demo the results management page